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Philippe Nghi Octek

Philippe Nghi

Service and Support

Phil started at Ocean the same time as the Y2K bug. Surviving the apparent end of the world, twenty years later, Phil is always striving to provide outstanding support and service to clients. Phil knew he would always be working in the IT industry – apart from that one year he spent scooping 31 flavours at Baskin Robbins.

Favourite teams: Brisbane Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Brooklyn Nets, Duke Blue Devils
Favourite thing: Zooming around on the electric scooter



George Skaf

Managing Director

Alex Chen

General Manager

David Liu

Technical Manager

Paul Gagno

Sales and Marketing Manager

Robert Madden

Account Manager

Nick Ratnayake

Account Manager

Philippe Nghi

Service and Support

Anthony Yee

Intel Server Technician


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