Frequently Asked Questions

Ocean is the sole distributor of ZOTAC mini PCs in Australia and have been since 2006.

Digital Media Players are essentially PCs configured to work out-of-the-box for specific market like digital signage. The ZOTAC Mini-PCs are ideal for digital signage including menu boards, video walls, interactive kiosks etc. Beside configuring the mini-PCs to work out-of-the-box, we also customize them to your specific needs.

Ocean stock a very comprehensive range of mini PCs. Let us help you choose the models that are most suitable for your requirement in terms of cost & performance. For example, if you are running one or two menu boards, we would recommend looking at the ZOTAC ZBOX-CI323. You may have video streaming and requires higher processing power like the ZBOX-CI527 or ZBOX-CI547. Or you may be looking at a video wall that requires higher performance graphics in which case we would recommend looking at the models with discrete graphics and multiple displays like the S343B2 or ZBOX-EN1060K.

We recommend that you call any of our friendly sales personnel and let us help you choose the right player.

ZOTAC mini PCs are supported by majority of the CMS available in the market. Although we do not supply CMS, we work very closely with most of the CMS providers to recommend the most appropriate mini PCs to go with their CMS. If you require assistance in choosing a CMS, please feel free to call us and we can put you in touch with CMS providers that would best fit your needs.

Most CMS work well with Windows. Issues related to CMS with Windows are usually due to poor configuration or setup at the start or because of Windows updates which can change the setup. Ocean have vast experience with Windows devices. We can assist in making sure configuration and setup are correct from the start and we can configure Windows to prevent any unwanted updates changing the setup or configuration. We recommend using Windows IoT Enterprise. Windows IoT Enterprise allows better manageability and prevents unwanted Windows updates. Some Windows desktop features like Cortana are removed to optimise Windows performance.

Yes. Many of our partners are using ZOTAC mini PCs with Red Hat Enterprise, Arch Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, Gentoo Linux, Mageia, openSUSE

The ZOTAC Pico series of palm size mini PCs are ideal for use in POS. The Pico small size make them easy to deploy with sufficient power to run two displays if required. Fanless design means the Pico requires very low maintenance.

Yes. There is AC Power Loss/Resume function in the BIOS that can be set to ON/OFF/LAST STATE.

Yes. PXE LAN Boot is selectable in the BIOS

Most of the models support WOL

Fanless mini PCs do not have any moving parts. It is silent, ideal for use as a normal desktop PC placed on top of your desk or as the hub for video/business conferencing. In digital signage, majority of displays are in areas of heavy human/pedestrian traffic like airports, shopping centres, fast food chains, which generates a lot of dust. Devices with internal fans tend to suck in dust making maintenance difficult and is one of the major cause of equipment failure. We would strongly recommend the use of fanless devices in these environments.

Zotac have been designing and manufacturing mini PCs since 2006. The ZOTAC fanless series of mini PCs are designed to work in most environments including enclosed areas like inside a cabinet, Kiosks, ceilings … etc. Since its introduction to the Australian market in 2006, more than 20,000 units of Zotac fanless mini PCs have been deployed in different environments without any issue.

All the ZOTAC mini PCs are suitable for video surveillance. For this particular requirement, we would recommend using the S343B. The S343B with an Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia GTX750Ti discrete graphics has the performance power to accommodate future expansion. In fact, the S343B is ideal for surveillance as many surveillance software are written on Nvidia CUDA model based on Nvidia GTX750Ti GPU.

Beside the standard models that we offer, we can also customised models to your requirement on project basis. Example: the specifications of the ZOTAC ZBOX-CI323 fits your requirement but you require a RS232 port to be added, or you may require a ruggedized industrial chassis. We can also change the BIOS to suit your requirement. If requested, we can also rebrand to your company name. MOQ applies (300-500 units depending on models).

Yes we can. Beside assisting you to manage stock inventory to make sure stock is available, we can also assist in imaging, asset tagging, changing default BIOS setting if required, and shipping direct to deployment locations.

Please call us to discuss so that we can choose the right product for your requirement. We have models that are suitable for projects that require product longevity. These models typically will use embedded processor or GPU. Vendors like Intel guarantee the lifespan of embedded processors for a minimum of 5 years. Even if the processor is discontinued after 5 years, Intel will still accept orders for delivery up to 2 years after it is discontinued.

Zotac have fanless mini PC with Intel Unite which are suitable for Unified Communications Video/Business conferencing. Fanless means silent, making them ideal for use in this environment.

EDID is a term used freely in many instances but not necessary required. It can be implemented by hardware or software. In this particular scenario of a video wall using four screens, biggest concern is if one (or more) of the screens is faulty or go off line, the contents displayed converges to the remaining screens and the player loses its display setup. When the faulty screen is replaced, the displays of the player needs to be set up again. This can be costly and time consuming as it will require a technician with knowledge of how to reset the player to be on site to replace a faulty screen.

Depending on the contents and graphics performance required, we recommend using one of these ZOTAC models ZBOX-EN51050, ZBOX-EN1060K or ZBOX-1070K together with the included Nvidia Surround driver which has software EDID features. If one of the screen experience a fault, the contents displayed will not converged. The contents on the remaining screens stays as it is. All that needs to be done is to replace the faulty screen and the video wall will be as before. There is no need to set up the player again.

To learn more about this, please < a href="../contact/>contact us.

The ZBOX-MA761 support 6 displays.

All ZOTAC mini PCs are capable of running 4K. Majority are 4K @ 60Hz and some 4K @ 30Hz. Choosing the right mini PC depends very much on the load of the 4K contents. Give us a call and let us assist you in choosing the right mini PC

Being a firewall, high computing power is not a necessity. The ZBOX-CI323 with two Gigabit network ports is ideal for use as a low cost firewall.

All the ZOTAC mini PCs have WiFi built-in

We can supply adaptors to convert the DPs in the EN1060K to HDMI or a cable to connect from DP in the EN1060K to HDMI in the monitor.

Yes, you can use video adaptors (DP to HDMI, DP to DVI, DP to VGA, HDMI to DVI, HDMI to VGA, DVI to VGA) with any of the ZOTAC Zboxes.

The standard warranty is 2 years but we do offer extended warranty. Please call us for more info.

Definitely. The ZOTAC mini PCs is smaller in size but equivalent to a desktop PC in performance. It has all the connectivity like Gigabit network, WiFi, USB ports, multiple display connectors, and memory & storage capacities can be configured to your requirement. The ZOTAC ZBOX EN-Series have discrete graphics suitable for applications like video rendering that requires higher graphics performance.

ZOTAC mini PCs have multi-card-reader. Because of the size of the mini PC, it is not possible to have an internal DVD-ROM. You can consider using an external USB DVD-ROM. If you prefer to have the DVD-ROM built into the PC, we can custom build a PC with standard ATX chassis, Intel desktop CPU (Core i3/i5/i7) and configured to suit your requirement.

It would depend on the applications that you are using the workstation for. Whilst applications like CAD/CAM which require heavy load number crunching would do better with workstation GPU, ZOTAC have mini PCs with discrete high performance Nvidia Geforce GPU like GTX1060/GTX1070/GTX1080 which would be ideal for graphics design/video editing.

We can custom build workstations using Intel Xeon or desktop processors (Core i5, Core i7) with graphics cards with workstation GPUs (Quadro, FirePro) configured to your requirement.

Yes. Ocean Office Automation have been an Intel Platinum Solutions Partner since 1996 and one of the Top 5 Intel server builder in Australia. We build servers using Intel server/datacentre building blocks and components that are tested and validated by Intel.

Intel have a comprehensive line up of server offerings. From a single processor Xeon platform for that first server or small business server, to dual processor Xeon platform for your server refresh or higher performance server. The servers are available as pedestal tower or rack mounted.

Please call us to discuss so that we can help you choose the server that best suit your requirement.

If you have selected a high performance server, you can’t go wrong as far as performance is concern. But, it may not be the most cost effective for your requirement. We would suggest to discuss with us before making a decision.

The standard warranty period is 3 years with option to extend to 5 years. We provide options of different levels of on-site warranty support to suit your requirement. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Yes we do. Please call us to discuss.