About US

Our story

Founded in 1992, Ocean Office Automation (Octek) is a leading supplier of custom IT products and solutions in Australia.

We started as an OEM PC and server manufacturer and have since grown to become a pioneer in the digital industry. Since 2006, we have been the exclusive distributor of Zotac mini-PCs and graphics cards in Australia.

Our product range spans from the original mini PC, which combines the functionalities of a full desktop, to small form quad-display capable mini PCs for the digital signage industry, and even smartphone-sized PICO devices for point of sale applications. Innovation is a core principle that drives us forward.

We aim to empower businesses and organizations with technology that is tailored to their specific needs. Whether you require custom-built solutions for desktops, digital signage players, point of sale systems, analytics, surveillance, IoT, security, in-car infotainment, VR devices, or servers, we are here to help you leverage the power of digital and gain a competitive edge.

We offer you the following benefits:

  • Custom-built devices constructed in a state-of-the-art production facility located in Sydney
  • Configuration of units before shipping, based on your system image and BIOS setting requirements
  • Incorporation of direct user feedback into the manufacturing process, allowing us to develop solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Reliable and consistent supply of high-quality devices
  • Swift deployment of changes to meet your evolving requirements
  • Assurance and peace of mind, as any issues are addressed at the source
  • Access to up-to-date information about future product development
  • We strive to provide you with exceptional products and services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations