Performance Devices

Immense digital power in a compact form

Punches above its weight

The same power as desktop systems that are many times its size and weight.

Performance PC

Dedicated graphics

These players are suitable for even the most intensive content / digital applications.

Multiple displays

These players support up to 4 displays and 4K output for demanding Digital Signage Applications

A complete multimedia solution

Build a powerful design solution – 4K ready mini pc solution

Stays cool to the touch

Advanced cooling technologies enable your Mini PC to perform at its best, even under the most demanding circumstances.

Dynamic digital signage

Get maximum brand impact with full-motion digital signage.

Whisper quiet

A low volume Mini PC with high performance.

Whisper quiet

quiet pc

discover uses

Dynamic billboards

Deliver targeted, engaging and contextual advertising billboards to your audience. These players integrate across all platforms.

Rugged for industrial uses

Powerful enough for the toughest manufacturing applications.

Designed for graphics

Get the graphical horsepower you want with the latest NVIDIA / AMD dedicated graphics.