Fanless Devices

Zero noise, no overheating and no moving parts.

Rugged and Durable

The fanless design of the C and P series give them the versatility to be deployed even in dust prone surroundings like airports, shopping centres, warehouses – virtually any demanding environment.

Connects with any HD display

Stream video content on up to two displays in high definition 4K. The perfect digital signage player.

plug and play

The P Series is the perfect solution for POS applications.

The platform for international conferencing

Unified communications are easy with Zotac and Intel ® Unite™. Secure, connected business conferences powered by a whisper-quiet mini PC.

Unique beehive case design

Stays cool to the touch and zero overheating.

Power of a PC in your pocket

Featuring a powerful quad-core processor and smaller than a smartphone, the P Series can handle your digital signage, business and POS needs. The space-saving design gives you versatile placement options.

mini pc octek

Tiny carbon footprint

Consumes minimal amounts of energy for eco-friendly computing.

discover uses

Dynamic billboards

Deliver targeted, engaging and contextual advertising billboards to your audience. These players integrate across all platforms.

Unified communications

Deliver integrated voice, video, mobility and presence services across endpoints, devices and applications.

Rugged for industrial uses

No moving parts and durable enough for the toughest industrial applications.

Digital menu boards

These players come standard with two 4K display outputs.

Point of Sale

Compact and versatile, it mounts on any VESA compatible monitor.