Octek Desktops

Performance and security


Exceed your expectation

Built for even the most intensive CAD and graphics applications.


Reliable international conferencing

Secure and stable international conferences are easy with Intel ® Unite™.


Multi-functional solutions

Versatility and flexibility to suit a range of business and commercial applications.

Rock-solid security

Get a PC that is designed for rock-solid security and performance.

Desktop Computer

Customised to your specifications

Create the ideal workstation with add-ons, accessories, the latest Intel processors and Microsoft applications.

High performance computing

The horse-power you want for graphics applications.

Dedicated server applications

File, proxy, database, print, web, FTP, virtual and mail;

Dedicated router application

Combine a Desktop PC with the right software and you can push network traffic where it needs to go.

Dedicated firewall application

Keep your data and network safe with a filtered entry point.

Powered by Intel

Intel i3, Intel i5 and i7 available to meet your business needs and budget.

Content and video streaming / Surveillance

Streaming content from the Internet? Streaming multiple surveillance cameras? Our PC range has you covered with discrete graphics, built-in Ethernet, 802.11ac wireless network connectivity and the power to support up to 4K on multiple displays.