Zotac Graphics Card

Push the limit

VR ready

Hear and feel every moment with next-generation VR experiences.

Push the limits

Engineered for ultimate performance, GeForce® RTX20 sets the bar high for speed, power and stability.

Breakthrough GPU

The most advanced digital GPU that has ever been created. The new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture delivers the ultimate performance for immersive VR and latest innovative digital technologies.

Super fast and power efficient

GeForce® RTX20 Series supports DirectX 12 features and delivers the smoothest, fastest and most power-efficient digital experience.

The latest digital technologies

GeForce® RTX20 Series is designed to meet the demands of a range of displays including VR, ultra-high resolution and multiple monitors.

Graphics perfection

The culmination of a decade of ZOTAC engineering and design, this card will exceed your expectation. Dual BIOS support, sleek design, 16+2 power phase, SPECTRA lighting, SLI friendly and stays cool to the touch.

ArcticStorm cooling

Get the full throttle digital performance of NVIDIA Pascal™ combined with the extraordinary cooling abilities of ArcticStorm.

Go extreme

The new ZOTAC AMP Extreme graphics card, powered by the most advanced NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture, delivers unparalleled performance.

Amplify your experience

Every ZOTAC AMP Edition graphics card is tweaked and tuned to push its potential and take you to greater digital heights.

Quantum leap

The ZOTAC GeForce® RTX20 Series offers you superior heat dissipation, using an advanced vapor chamber, that feels as cool as it looks. Its a quantum leap with performance, power efficiency and superior cooling.

Super compact,
Super Powerful

Fits 99% of Desktop PCs, these graphics cards pack performance beyond their size.