Business Devices

Powering productivity

Platform for international conferencing

Secure, connected unified communications with no background PC noise.

Flawless presentations

The Zotac Mini PC makes business presentations easy. Connect your device to any HD display.

Stream your podcasts

Mute background noise so you can stream business podcasts and record audio.

octek business devices

Multi-panel displays

For the busy business desktop. Up to four displays in 4K.

Whisper quiet

Small space applications

Small form Factor PC – fits almost anywhere

Thin clients / Desktop PCs

Use as a Thin Client or Business Desktop PC. Configured to your requirements

Dedicated server applications

File, proxy, database, print, web, FTP, virtual and mail; a mini PC meets your commercial needs.

Dedicated router application

Combine a Zotac mini PC with the right software and you can push network traffic where it needs to go.

Dedicated firewall application

Keep your data and network safe with a filtered entry point.

IoT applications

Specialised hardware housing and applications that suit small space constraints.