ZOTAC AT CES 2018 – ZBOX Mini PCs now with Quadro P series graphics cards

ZBOX Mini PC Meets Next Generation

Showcased for the first time are the new ZBOX Mini PCs that incorporate the new range of workstation-class NVIDIA Quadro graphics. From a range of Quadro P series graphics cards from P1000, P3000, and up to P5000 graphics, the high performance of enterprise desktop graphics is endorsed in a sleek and compact enclosure, providing a portable workstation for the creative and technical professionals. A world first for a Mini PC equipped with NVIDIA Quadro P series graphics hardware.

The 8th generation Intel processor also infuses new life into a series of ZBOX Mini PC. The passive cooled mini PC C Series gets refined with an all-new chassis design in addition to more efficient heat dissipation and silent performance. With low power consumption, it supports up to a 25W TDP solution and features a full range of connectivity for customizable expansion.

In addition, the brand-new ZBOX Mini PCs introduces faster productivity performance with the latest multi-core Intel processor based on the Gemini Lake architecture. These low-powered yet capable workstations feature Gigabit Ethernet, DDR4 memory, native HDMI 2.0 support, and up to three displays.

Also joining our top-of-the-line hardware are the new MAGNUS Gaming Mini PC and VR GO backpack PC. MAGUNS pairs up with the 8th generation Intel processor for the first time to bring a six-core processor to the Mini PC form factor. The VR GO backpack PC gets upgraded with a GeForceĀ® GTX 1080 graphics card, delivering unprecedented graphics performance and a truly mobile VR experience.

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