NEW Zotac CI327 Fanless DMP Solution – supports 3 displays

A solution for retail & commercial applications 
enabling ultra-fine quality 


When your projects demand crisp Ultra HD graphics and extreme computing power, the Zotac zBox CI327 rises to the occasion with ease. Packed with strength all over the board with an Intel Core Quad Core Processor and Zotac Solid State Technology, this system redefines productivity.
Fanless technology provides stability, longevity and shines in any demanding digital environment where multi-core computing is an absolute necessity.
Easily scalable and equipped with multiple connectivity options, the Zotac zBox CI327  is a beacon for all your project needs, regardless if it’s ambitious embedded applications or high-quality information display showcases.
– Powerful Intel Quad Core Processor for performance and energy savings
– Fanless Technology – providing stability and longevity
– Up to 32GB memory support

– Zotac Solid State Technology – enables ultra-fine quality

– Supports up to 3 displays

– Supports DUAL Gigabit LAN, 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

– Multiple Upgrade Options

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