I am after a player for a four screens video wall. I have been told that it is best to use a player with EDID (Extended Display Identification Data). What can you recommend?

EDID is a term used freely in many instances but not necessary required. It can be implemented by hardware or software. In this particular scenario of a video wall using four screens, biggest concern is if one (or more) of the screens is faulty or go off line, the contents displayed converges to the remaining screens and the player loses its display setup. When the faulty screen is replaced, the displays of the player needs to be set up again. This can be costly and time consuming as it will require a technician with knowledge of how to reset the player to be on site to replace a faulty screen.

Depending on the contents and graphics performance required, we recommend using one of these ZOTAC models ZBOX-EN51050, ZBOX-EN1060K or ZBOX-1070K together with the included Nvidia Surround driver which has software EDID features. If one of the screen experience a fault, the contents displayed will not converged. The contents on the remaining screens stays as it is. All that needs to be done is to replace the faulty screen and the video wall will be as before. There is no need to set up the player again.

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