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On the Move?

Keep employees mobile, connected and productive with secure wireless networking.


CISCO Wireless Access Points



802.11G/B. Supports Power over Ethernet connectivity on its single 10/100 port. Supports Range Booster technology.



802.11g/b. Supporst Power over Ethernet connectivity on its single 10/100 port.  Supports Range Booster technology to increase a signal uo to twice as far as standard 802.11g. Metal enclosure. Feature-ritch.



High-performance wireless.  Comes with three omni-diretional antennas to increase coverage and segnal clarity.


zotac mini pc.pngZOTAC mini-PC series are powered by high-performance yet energy-efficient CPUs and GPUs that delivery plenty of computing power while consuming minimal amounts of energy for eco-friendly computing. The ZOTAC mini-PC series pack plenty of power and performance for your routine tasks such as web browsing, checking e-mail, word processing, video playback and other tasks.



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