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Sydney Head Office
Manufactured and Supported in Australia 

Octek are committed to helping our customers bring technology to life for their present and future needs. (Since 1986)

With our offices in Sydney and Brisbane, our team of highly experienced professionals is committed to delivering complete IT infrastructure solutions that are proven to be high quality, value for money and specifically tailored to client's individual business and IT needs.

We attribute our high level of repeat business and loyal customer base to the emphasis we place on providing excellent customer service, every time, without fail, no exceptions!

The penetration by Octek into the Australian IT market has been through the constant attention to detail and providing business with quality products at an exceptional price. With these as our primary goals, the Octek System is designed and manufactured by Ocean with these specifics in mind. Our products include main system boards, video display cards and cases. Not being limited by our own products, Ocean is one of the leading Intel® Premium Providers in Australia, assembling servers and workstations through our state of the art production facilities.

With a reputation built on Octek products and services, Octek has now broadened its technology relationships and partnerships to include other quality international IT vendors including Intel®, Microsoft®, Sony® and many others.

Octek is considered to be a long term partner with many of the world leading technology partners, which therefore enables Octek to provide complete, premium quality systems, products and services, to all business, encompassing all of their current and future IT needs. 

Ocean Conflict Minerals Policy Statement 

Designed and Assembled in Australia Image

The Octek Production facility is located in Silverwater, Sydney. This state-of-the-art facility is a fully automated assembly conveyor system, which performs, automatic software installation (client specific), adjustable automatic burn-in, fault testing, quality checking and vacuum lift unit packaging, Oceans production centre is capable of producing over 4000 units per month.

Our manufacturing services include product application engineering, procurement, inventory management, hardware integration, assembly,  software loading, warranty services, technical support, repairs and upgrades and product “end of life” management.

Octek’s electrical / electronic, mechanical, software and compliance engineers have the capability to convert your needs into a product or system solutions quickly. Our well-rounded team focuses on combining best-in-class components with customer solutions where necessary for the very best balance of economy and functionality. We also have extensive experience assisting customers through product modernisation cycles and cost reduction for existing computer base products – Octek is your partner at all points in the solutions life cycle.


Image Octek – an Intel® Premier Channel Partner

It's time to take full advantage of the ways technology can help your business succeed. You can do this today with quality solutions and reliable technology from Octek an Intel® Premier Provider. Octek are exclusively recognised and validated as preferred provider who will help you make the most of Intel® products and technology. And by utilising the power of current technology, your business can become stronger.

As a preferred vendor of Intel® technology-based solutions, Octek has achieved preferred status with rigorous training and industry certifications. To achieve this preferred status, we have demonstrated the ability to provide tailored solutions for customers. You can rely on Octek to provide leading technology and smart implementation for the performance, functionality and reliability you need to successfully compete.

This connection gives our organisation exclusive access to information and support, giving us significant advantages in deploying and managing your systems and applications. Octek also has access to comprehensive training on upcoming products and technologies. This special access enables us to assess your options more effectively, based on unique insights into future developments. With these privileges, we can offer solutions that meet your current needs, with the flexibility to accommodate emerging technologies and new business growth.

Octek are your Intel® products and technology experts, which enable us to deploy business solutions that can help you improve productivity, deliver new services, increase business efficiency, streamline customer interactions, and plan for the future.


Technical and Warranty Support in Australia

With years of experience serving customers throughout Australia, Octek recognises the special needs and requirements of today’s IT Environment. Octek is a market leader in providing computer product reliability, high quality and outstanding customer support. Our design philosophy and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sydney allows Octek to minimise product development cycles and to provide long-term stability in both product supply and revision control.

Cost, Functionality, Service, Support, and Reliability are Octek’s primary goals for its continued success in the IT industry. By constantly delivering the right combination of all of these criteria, Octek has earned and will continue to maintain its market leading position. Flexibility, long-term dependability and support, and the highest quality available are all the trademarks that make Octek the perfect IT partner. 



Infrastructure Management Image

Your System Infrastructures are your data highways. Just like physical transport infrastructure, they are expensive to build and maintain. To optimise your return on investment, you need to invest in pragmatic demand planning and best practice traffic and safety (security) management strategies. You also need to ensure that the architectures and technologies you use, are those that are best suited to the needs of your users, customers and partners.

Being a true manufacturer, Octek can offer it clients many added advantages:-

- First hand information on new and future products

- Direct customers’ feedback to manufacturer on market requirements

- Reliability and consistency in supply and quality

- Ability to change fast as per market requirements

- Peace of mind in knowing issues can be resolved at the source


zotac mini pc.pngZOTAC mini-PC series are powered by high-performance yet energy-efficient CPUs and GPUs that delivery plenty of computing power while consuming minimal amounts of energy for eco-friendly computing. The ZOTAC mini-PC series pack plenty of power and performance for your routine tasks such as web browsing, checking e-mail, word processing, video playback and other tasks.



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