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Octek - A Division of EA Australia (Sydney Office)

EA Australia is owned by Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management LTD, a listed corporation in Shenzhen stock exchange since 2007 (Stock Code: 002183) with an estimated market capitalization of U$1 billion.
In South East Asia, Eternal Asia focuses on IT distribution and is headquartered in Singapore. Currently, we employ more than 1000 employees across Asia in our full-fledged IT distribution operations located in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

 EA Australia operation has offices and warehouses located in Sydney (Head Office) and Brisbane, where we endeavour to provide our vendors a streamlined and cost effective channel for their products. Our channels include system integrators, retailers, large format chain stores, on-line stores, stationary suppliers, solution providers etc. Eternal Asia is currently the only IT distributor who operates our own operations across the 6 main countries in South East Asia and that enables our vendor’s products to reach these markets swiftly. 

Further to this EA Australia operation has a state-of-the-art Server / PC production facility located in Silverwater, Sydney. This facility is a fully automated assembly system, which performs, custom built systems (mini-pc, PC and Servers), automatic software installation (client specific), adjustable automatic burn-in, fault testing, quality checking and automated packaging. EA Australia’s production centre is capable of producing over 4000 units per month. 

We believe in the growth potential of the South East Asia market and are deeply committed to continue to invest in the resources needed to aggressively grow our IT distribution in each country that we operate in. In each country, we continue to expand our channel, as we believe that only with a direct presence, can we add value to our vendors with sales, inventory and credit facilities to support these products / channels.

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